A 2D city on 3D scene
A 3D model of Demon Serpent on Zbrush
Owl girl character design.
The fight scene between protagonist and cyclop
A fight between protagonist and the demon serpent.

Stranger Encounter - A 2D mix 3D animation about a boy who had to work together with an owl girl, which speaks a different language from him, to defeat the demon.

2D mix with 3D - A 2D character(with some of 2D elements in the background) combine with 3D background, using Blender

The Demon Serpent 3D model - A combination of dragon and a snake, along with some demonic traits. Done in Zbrush.

Character Designs - Some character designs for the animation. Designs are fantasy genre oriented.

2D animation - Drawn in Blender so that I can easily put them in 3D space. I use smudge and stretch technique to enhance the movement

Composition - Mixing together the 3D scene/animation and 2D character to have them interact with each other to create a dynamic for the 2D animation.

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