Serenity Sense Oracle Cards - Serenity Sense is a combination between a self-help tool and oracle cards.

Serenity Sense Oracle Cards - It is designed to get to know oneself better by raising self-awareness, confronting your past, and learning from those experiences.

Serenity Sense Oracle Cards - The cards with marbling and the Suminagashi ink technique represent life experiences that are open for interpretation.

Serenity Sense Oracle Cards - There is a Japanese concept behind both projects: Serenity Sense (Oracle Cards) and Transience of Life (Artist Book) called Wabi-Sabi.

Serenity Sense Oracle Cards - To accept imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete in aesthetic ways of nature.

Wheel of Emotion to check your feelings - Similar to water, it continuously adapts and changes its form without losing its own identity.

Guidebook on how to use and card meaning - There is beauty in all things if you choose to see and treasure its uniqueness despite its hurt and how hard it is.

Transience of Life - The transience of Life is the addition project that is split into two parts: fleeting and being.

Transience of Life Part 1 : Fleeting - ‘Fleeting’ uses photography as a medium to tell the story about time passing compared to the artworks from ‘Serenity Sense.’

Transience of Life Part 2 : Being - ‘Being’ is the acceptance part, a consolation to live in the present moment.

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