Language Discrimination - Gender bias and gender discrimination in language - It reflects the widespread linguistic gender discrimination in Chinese and British society. The harm of language discrimination is reflected in two languages.

Gorset in Packaging - Ice cream - In modern society, more and more people pay attention to their health. Inspired by the corsets that were popular in the Victorian period, I created a series of packaging designs that focus on healthy food.

Gorset in Packaging - Ice cream -

Gorset in Packaging - Nuts -

Chinese Characters - This font design can be applied to book design and poster design to promote traditional Chinese culture, such as ancient poetry, in a more interesting way.

Birmingham Museum - Logo - The overall design of the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery logo comes from the acronyms

Chocolate CD - Chocolate packaging is like a CD box. People can use their mobile phones to scan the QR code of the CD box and release music.

Sonnet Morse Code - I will use Morse code to design books for 4 poems. People usually read poems directly through text. I found that Morse code can increase people's interest in reading and change the way people read through different types. For example, in this book, I use the top-down reading method from left to right.

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