Sincerely, Food - Intro - The content aims to suggest and remind audiences to be more sustainable with food.

Style guide - Logo Anatomy - Elements of the presentation consisted of campaign branding corporate in product sticker banners, mini standee, and digital media.

Style guide - Elements - Visual communication was taken into consideration by reviewing style guides and iconography.

Sticker system - Stickers are developed to identify products while the audience can further explore stories via QR code.

Sticker Mockup - The project selected three sample grocery products: Cabbage, rice, and beef. Chosen ingredients have a different status that can help influence the viewer to witness some food’s background.

Mobile Mockup - After scanning a QR code, users are taken to a mobile website for more information.

Environmental Graphics - Media placed within dining locations - Standees with QR code campaigns and projections show the carbon footprint that customers offset from their meals.

Chuti Chu - Ladies love to dance - Part of illustration practice.

Chuti Chu - Moving mouth - Part of illustration practice. Playing with the illustrative angles and lines of the mouth.


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