The hijab has become a controversial topic world wide over the years which has led Muslim women to stand up and fight for their equal rights to be able to choose the way they dress. In conclusion, I wanted to create something positive, meaningful and powerful surrounding the hijab as I believe that it’s a right and a choice to express one’s identity.
Challenging Gen Z Snapchat users to encourage acts of kindness and spread positivity amongst families, friends, and communities in order to create a 'movement'.

Free Palestine - Impactful protest signs and photographs intertwined into an illustration piece.

"Hijab is my identity" - A passion project that aims to spread a positive and meaningful message surrounding the hijab.

Pursuit4Kindness (D&AD Collaboration) - An AR Snapchat lens that can be shared around the world and encourage people to feel positive about themselves.

Off The Record - A vibrant, playful and contemporary brand identity and social media templates.



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