second year finals
second year finals
2nd year finals
second year finals
first year finals
first year finals

Paradise - one internal illustration of the children's book

Imagination - An Outlook on what Heaven might be like

Pathway - The Angels are with you every step you take

Be Kind - Be Kind to those around you and those in need, be kind to the children of Palestine. #FreePalestine

Hidaya's Heavenly Hummus - internal illustration for upcoming book 'Hidayas Heavenly Hummus' illustrated and written by Feroza Qassam also known as Her Illustrative Mind

Little Niqabi - A Young girl discovering her faith

Asalaamu Alaykum - it means May peace be with you

Hiding from the world -

Makeup is Powerful -

Cookie - Acrylic painting study of my Pet Cat Cookie

Arabian Nights -


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