A ballroom entrance for a dark ride at Alton Towers
A phone being held up to a building
A film set construction of a room
A film set construction with actors
Outdoor setting for immersive horror attraction

Ballroom scene - Duel: Under investigation - Duel: Under Investigation – A photobash image of a design for the first room of an interactive dark ride retheme of Duel: the Haunted House Srikes Back at Alton Towers Resort.

AR app - Duel : Under Investigation - Duel: Under Investigation – Photobashed image for a concept of an AR based app that adds ghosts to photos linked to my design for an interactive dark ride re-theme.

Boomtown - A behind the scenes image of one of the sets from a short film for Boomtown Festival, created using mostly found objects.

Boomtown - A behind the scenes image of a set from a short film for Boomtown Festival, along with the framed shot.

The Ashridge Cult - A render from one of the areas within a mostly outdoor immersive horror attraction using Adobe Dimension.

Duel: Under Investigation - Final video for a re-theme for a current Alton Towers attraction using photobashing and animation to show motion through the attraction. Music owned by Alton Towers. An immersive dark ride surrounding the theme of a paranormal investigation group entering the current duel attraction, and opening up a portal to Purgatory that guests must travel through in search of the team.

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