An installation shot of 12 concrete square sculptures hung on a white wall in two sets of 9 square grids. On each of the squares surface is a laser engraved pattern, such as geometric shapes, star patterns and numbers.
A series of 9 rectangular vivid green paintings on wooden board. Each painting uses thin fluid washes of vibrant green, with geometric patterns like rock formations painted in thin washes of brown.
A gallery installation shot of a floor sculpture consisting of 4 polished sheets of steel that has been cut into natural rock lock forms. The sheets appear to float a few cm off of the ground, casting a small shadow below.
A still image from a performance depicting the artists dressed in black clothes with bare feet. He is hunched over and in his hands he is holding a ceramic pot, in in the process of pouring salt onto the floor forming a salt circle. On the floor behind the performer is another tall ceramic pot glazed grey with a carved geometric design of a spinning square in the centre.
A series of 5 lino prints in landscape orientation hung on a white wall with silver magnets in the top two corners. The black and white prints display fragments of diagrams, repeated geometric patterns and numbered sequences.
installation view of work

A Numerical Model of the Universe - 12 engraved concrete slabs, 2021

An Objective and Subjective Understanding of Nature - Acrylic on board, 2021

Civilised Fragments - 4 polished steel sheets, 2021

A Process of Transformation - Performance still, 2021

Infinite Cycles (Series) - A series of 5 lino prints on Tiepolo paper, 2021

Installation view -

Elements Vessel - Sound sculpture, ceramic pot and sound installation, 2021

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