Tan City: Box Art - Box Art for Tan City; a videogame that tackles coal pollution, teaching you to reduce and phase out, not to stop and risk jobs.

Tan City: Character Concepts - Tan City has many enemies and allies, and a diverse array of Avian species.

Lamenting Lambs: 0 Degrees C - NFTs have been impacting our planet, these Anti-NFTs show us the herd mindset we follow and the issues we ignore.

Lamenting Lambs: 2 Degrees C - The more we get into NFTs, the more energy we use, the more CO2 is produce, the hotter it will get.

Lamenting Lambs: -2 Degrees C - The effect of NFTs can have an impact on our climate; it won't just get hotter, but colder too.

Key4Life: Knifeless Handles - 7/10 Potential Offenders get stabbed by their own knife, but Key4Life's Knifeless handles provide the help they need and pass on like a baton.

LondFresh - Food Parcels in the UK cannot provide enough Vitamin D for Nutrition nor Covid Protection, but LondFresh can cover that.

LondFresh: Stickers - Stickers are a playful but effective form of advertisement, as they are not only appealing to all ages, but spread the message afar.

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