The Dining Table Cover - Humans are social animals, used to living in connection to one another. However, as our lifestyles have changed throughout time, this has affected our interconnectedness.

The Dining Table - Christmas Cake - Since the pandemic, people have resumed living together with their families and getting back to basics.

The Dining Table - Christmas Wreath - This project is about me and my relationship with the dining table. My life story and erudition revolves around having meals with family members.

The Dining Table - Roast Chicken - During mealtimes, memories are always brought forth based on the food, atmosphere, conversation, events, and even the meal participants.

The Dining Table - Gravy - These memories have inspired me to create a series of illustrated books about life stories experienced at the table throughout each generation in my family.

The Dining Table - Yu Yee - The dining table has served and maintained an important function as the media of encounter for our family as well as being the place of warm memories for us, forever.

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