Equestrian Olympic kit design - advertisement boards - New kit design for the British Olympic team. Each design is unique to the rider and horse bringing them together as a whole.

Equestrian Olympic kit design - rider - Each rider has a unique design for their event, designed specifically for their movement.

Equestrian Olympic kit design - merchandise - Designed merchandise for riders and their horses, as well as Olympic fans. Keeping the design consistent

Secret 7 - Designed the front and back of a vinyl sleeve for Aretha Franklin's 'One step ahead' in vector style.

Gallery 1988 - From a selection of movies, I designed a poster for The Iron Giant in a playing card style.

Gallery 1988 - I chose to design a movie poster for Hairspray, really emphasizing the characters and their hairstyles.

Life Magazine - Cover - A magazine designed and written around designers designing for sustainability. Designing for the planets future.

Life Magazine - double-paged spread - Designed with a repeated pattern of nature. 'All that glitters is not plastic'.

Concept art - This lion mixed rose shows the concept of, if you want the rose you have to deal with the thorns.

Pet portrait - This is a digital portrait of my own horse Roody.

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