The Morning After, 2023, foam, latex, packing peanuts, stuffing, thread, gum, 60 x 100 x 26 cm
Below the Belt, 2023, latex, stuffing, belt, 35 x 110 x 38 cm
Banana Skin, 2022, latex, 62 x 39cm
Lurking Beneath, 2022, hair, wood, printed fabric, 50 x 28cm
Retainment, 2023, plastic, water, elastic, bra hooks, 26 x 43 x 60 cm
Tentative Touch , 2023, latex, weighted beads, printed photographs, 70 x 12 x 35 cm
Out of Place, 2023, metal frame, bandages, tights, elastic, plastic, milk, latex, stuffing, printed photograph, 125 x 30 x 75 cm
In Search of Something, 2023, baby powder, latex, thread, 30 x 440 x 18 cm
The Bitter and The Sweet, 2023, latex, satin, stuffing, packing peanuts, sugar, salt, hooks, bandages, flocked hair, 6.1 m x 86 cm x 2.1 m
Sugar Tits, 2023, latex, sugar, pigment, 55 x 30 x 20 cm

‘The Morning After’ - Capturing an intimate and tender moment in time.

‘Below the Belt” - Comments on the idea of co-dependancy.

‘Banana Skin’ - The notion of the absent body is made present through skin-like traces of underwear.

‘Lurking Beneath’ - Encourages the temptation to touch and reveal what is underneath.

‘Retainment’ - Reflects the tensions and desires found within natural and fake bodies.

‘Tentative Touch’ - Goosebumps forming through the possibility of contact.

‘Out of Place’ - The displacement between natural and synthetic elements.

‘In Search of Something’ - Showing the desire to get to somewhere, something or someone.

‘The Bitter and The Sweet’ - Depicting the bittersweet duality of intimacy, along with moments of tension, desire, longing and fragility.

‘Sugar Tits’ - Commenting on the desirability of the body which can quickly turn from sweet pleasure to sickly danger.

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