About Human heal - I like making clothes and fashion... so I decided to create a clothing brand to earn money and help people with disabilities through donation using the brand’s revenue.

Photobook - I was not confident as a youth and designed a photo book similar to a magazine cover using photos of myself as a model... I wanted to show that if you believe in your self and take action, you can start your path to being whatever you wish to be.

Design and Style - Blue - I chose to do custom and DIY styles because I wanted to be able to design and customize the clothes freely. It is also one of the signatures on my work; showing traces of stitching as a metaphor for life's imperfections.

Design and Style - Black - I took clothes which everyone would think of as old and boring in order to create a new designs.

Design and Style - Purple - Beyond combining colors... I like to combine words or phrases, which came with pieces of cloth or old shirts, together so as to form new sentences.

Human heal interview - Fashion Branding

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