Identify > Identity ? ? - "Identify > Identity?" The title of the album and the meaning are I want to show you my opinion that I think identifying is more valuable than identity. Identifying is a search or a journey. The identity is like a discovery or a destination. So I saw more value for identifying. While searching for identity, I went through many things and feelings. Also, I am not fond of imposing my ideas on others. So the title closes with a question mark sharing my perspective and questioning others.

Identify > Identity ? - 2 - I believe that everything happens to have two sides, so lyrics tend to tell a story of two kinds of thoughts, such as a negative and negative perspective on yourself, or going back to talking to your friends as a child and then sharing in the present.

Identify > Identity ? - 3

Identify > Identity ? - 4

Identify > Identity ? - 5

Identify > Identity ? - 6

Identify > Identity ? - 7

Identify > Identity ? - 8

Identify > Identity ? - 9 - This project shows Banco's perception of making a music album, and as I do art direction and Music Videos and Album covers... The Music album's name is "Identify > Identity ...?".

Banco - Contradict (Video Teaser) - Click the link and check out my music video work!

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