The Beginning of Journey (Color) - Sculpting in regards to the COVID pandemic, this project focuses on the goal of sculpting with lowest budget possible!

The Beginning of Journey (Black and White) - Sculptures are fabrications that point to our need for storytelling and artifice.

The Spark of joy (Color) - I wish to open my own art academy with the understanding that high fees are not prerequisites to learning art.

The Spark of joy (Black and White) - My point in this project is to prove that my dream academy can be made true and demonstrate that Art is available to everybody.

The Shine of Motivation (Color side view) - The creation of new art in Thailand suffers from cyclical struggles. Artistic endeavors are costly due in part to the perception of how expensive art education is.

The Shine of Motivation (Color Contrast side view) - I have a vision that perceptions can be altered if awareness can be raised in Thailand; slowly changing the character of Thai people.

The Shine of Motivation (Black and White side view) -

The Shine of Motivation (Color front view) - Art makes society more peaceful open-minded, and only with an open mind can we develop our selves more interestingly.

The Shine of Motivation (Black and White front view) - I believe that Thai people are very creative but have not been afforded the chance to show it.

The Beginning of the Real Journey - Experience gained from my Live briefs used to deal with my own project.

The Proof of Theory - Ultimately, I proved what I set out to do, which was to prove that art is available to everyone. I chose the expensive medium of sculpture to illustrate that art requires creativity more than money.

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