Dearly Homepage - Warm colors were used to make the users feel warm and comfortable towards the application.

Dearly Gods - Three of the famous gods are the Katyayana god, Caishen god and Guanyin.

Dearly Guan Yu - Guan yu god and ancestor tomb.

Dearly News and Library - The News page announces charity provided from the user end while the Library page provides basic knowledge of the tradition.

Dearly Shop - The shop page has a filter option to help you find products easier.

Dearly Chat - The chat option keeps users engaged in social interaction.

Dearly History - Users can save their favorite activities and can check up on their payments.

Dearly Burn Room - User has a choice of gods and ancestors to pay respect to.

Dearly - The Dearly application has converted an age-old Chinese tradition into 2D graphics, in order to provide an update to this experience in shared values of respecting our ancestors. With technology, we can connect generations separated by time providing a trendy solution for our users end objectives; saving them cost, time, and resources towards a more eco-friendly outcome.

Dearly Documentary video - This video is made for keep the original tradition

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