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Prom - Cover page - Nowadays, people have access to increased awareness. They can see more societal problems that hide under the carpet. This A3 size book tells the story of an unresolved community problem within a school through storytelling using text and collage art. The main highlight of the pictures are students and other objects related to the book content. One of the more important highlights is the carpet style design I feature in the book. This concept was created from the idea born from the idiom "To sweep under the carpet."

Prom - Page 1-2 - Page 1 is an introduction to what the book is about. Where did it come from? Collage pictures illustrate a rough summary of what will be in the book. You can see that the people within the collage stand out using color separate from other materials because I want the students to stand out. Some concepts are colored differently so as to stand out as; For example, this page features the national flag in regards to Thailand and it's story of Thai students. There are two topics on this page 2, regarding Free Education in Thailand and the quality of education. With the many outstanding pictures of money, free education in Thailand is perceived as untrue. Moreover, education equivalency in Mathiyom 6 show that these children were not less capable than their high school student counterparts in Thailand. By using pictures that show the talents of these student telling stories, a line is drawn that connects both sides to make both pages appear the same. The lines used will look like crayon drawings giving unto childish appearance. These lines are featured on every page, unifying them.

Prom - Page 5-6 - Page 5-6 tells stories about the activities within school and their importance, alongside how imperative they are. Artwork is used to convey Thai school priorities and what is necessary, like reading. Instead, an importance is placed on Scouting and wilderness training is even though the knowledge of this subject is seldom necessary. Lastly, sports day activities are important, but not seen in many schools as children learn to take care of themselves in activity.

Prom - Page 7-8 - Pages 7-8 warn that the following pages' content may feature violent matters of a more adult nature. Should anyone feel they might be triggered, they can skip this page to the next.

Prom - Page 9-10 - Pages 9-10 exhibit threats, violence and unethical practices alongside the the pros and cons of the school uniform. This page gives topics and content on the right and artwork on the left, using a pattern of ideas steeped in inspiration from Gundam. Recently, the media has featured persons of power demonstrating unethical practices while viewing students merely as toys. There are multiple and various materials showing violence, sex, and humanitarianism.

Prom - Page 11-12 - Pages 11-12 This page is about the inequality seen in the students' country. showing that children strive to study in the capital, because they are more prosperous in their studies and have more of a voice. I use a picture frame to show the respect of Bangkok from a sarcastic point of view.

Prom - Page 13-14 - Pages 13-14 I intended to be a picture of Thailand with a whole house in the country, but with a capital higher than other locations, while people are striving to study in the capital to show that the country has developed in just one point. The different angles represent a significant problem in all regions that the government rarely solves. People, therefore, seek to live in a point with limited problem; the capital.

Prom - Page 17-18 - Pages 17-18 On the last page, I intend for the children to write down their feelings. It is like venting feelings by getting ideas out on the bathroom wall through graffiti. On the right-hand side is a cartoon as a drawing exercise, with a concept story built through words mentioning how you will grow up and feel comfortable. However, as the children in the cartoon grow older, they grow more tired.

Prom - Page 15-16 - Pages 15-16 This page summarizes all the content mentioned by the artwork of this page as material. Each page is mixed together to show that each issue is of equal importance, so there is no more prominent place. It have only an outstanding student.

Prom - Page 3-4 - Page 3 illustrates the process of lining up in front of the flagpole and asks the question this is necessary. Page 4 is about religion in school and highlights the issue of Thai schools oftentimes catering to no other religions than Buddhism. On this page, the main image symbolizes each religion laid out as sacred icons.

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