The story was based on the myth about Kwan, but I also add the idea how Kwan is related to your conciousness when you face with trauma.

Kwan - Kwan is the project that was inspired by Thai ancient belief about a spirit that live inside human, places and objects called Kwan.

Character Design - These are the character from the story including the protagonist, Kwan, the guiding bird and Sming tiger.

Environmental Design - I also designed the environmental in Kwan world. Each place represent your state of mind when you face with trauma in real life.

Colour Script - The colour script is to show the overall mood and tone of each part of the story

My Snowglobe - Apart from concept design, I also do 3D modeling. This piece is under the concept of me and my favourite things in my world.

The Experimental - The 3D piece I did inspired by the idea of a cat scientist that did an experiental on weird thing.

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