Mccan Manchester - Mccan Manchester requested designs of a beer bottle, label, and beer carton for a craft beer called, "Truth Well Told."

Barilla Packaging experience awards - Beyond any label design, this project required new packaging experience solutions to be considered in regards to material composition and practical function.

Thaistar Packaging Awards - This package design openly focused on sustainability throughout the initial concept to the final product. I chose to work on developing skincare packaging because of how fun and challenging it is to work on.

Initial Charm - Saneh means Charm in Thai and as this was one of the first designs I played with, I experimented with single line art for a simplistic and stylish look. However, it didn’t suit the concept and look of being ”sustainable and minimal,” so I continued onwards with the design.

A-Design Award and Competition - This package design project aimed more so on looks and tone with instructions to improve upon the branded imagery. This particular experience allowed me free reign with the overall image composition alongside a newfound excitement of pattern design development.

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