Your Best-friend - A simulation of a human house developed and designed to have an environment that is most suitable for cats. Whether it is the choice of materials, color tones, or various details. The design is mostly based on the cat's behavior. The main goal of the invention is to put the cat where it feels most like itself without fear and anxiety.

Your Best-friend - Living Room - Through studies, I've discovered that sharpening claws is one of the things cats do to relax. My cats always sharpen their claws on my sofa. So I designed a sofa that can sharpen claws for them.

Your Best-friend - Storage Room - The box is one of those things that I believe any cat will definitely jump into it. So in this room, I designed a box that can sharpen their claws and jump in as well.

Your Best-friend - Dressing Room - It's often when I pick up clothes from the closet. My cat always goes to sleep in it. So I wanted to give them their own closet.

Your Best-friend - Toilet - The toilet can be filled with cat litter, and the cat can actually use it.

Your Best-friend - Laundry Room - Cats are animals that like to stay in tiny holes. Because cats believe that it's safe for them to stay in tight spaces.

Your Best-friend - Bedroom - A place where a cat can take a break. They will enjoy sharpening their claws and can sleep here.

Your Best-friend - Dinning Room - And in this room, the main item is the dining table. The legs of the table are wrapped with ropes, And in the middle of the table, there is a hole where I can put food or treats for our cats.

Object - Items designed for cats will use animal-friendly materials and have considered the use that will be the most beneficial for cats.

Website Design - From further studies, the color tones that cats can see will be only black, grey, and blue tones. That's why I chose these color schemes to use in web design.

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