The Wonderful World of PR (part 1) - history and evolution - Do you actively use social media? Have you watch a celebrity attend a new restaurant opening recently on TikTok, or dream about working with influencers? If you are reading this blog post that means you are interested in PR – ‘Public Relations’ and are seeking to find out more about it...

The Wonderful World of PR (part 2) - skills and studying - In this second post in the series, we will look at the differences between public relations, marketing, and advertising, listed the skills you'll need in the industry right now and what you’d learn on a PR degree.

The Wonderful World of PR (Part 3) - roles and responsibilities - In this third and final instalment of our fascinating 'The Wonderful World of PR’ series, we'll explain the differences between the terms 'agency' and 'in-house' as well as the responsibilities of modern PR careers and average salaries for PR graduates.

5 jobs a degree in PR could help you get... (including salaries) - Have you ever wondered what jobs a PR degree could help you get? 🎓 We've compiled a list of 5 job titles that our PR graduates frequently find themselves in, and we've added the salaries too...👀 Swipe right for more!

3 of the best PR shows on Netflix right now - Do you ever find yourself bored on Netflix struggling to find something to watch? Well, we have picked 3 of the best ‘PR’ related shows (in no particular order). They're all fictional but entertaining, and we've rated them for engaging in PR activities too. Stay tuned for for our first review... 🍿

PR show 1: Absolutely Fabulous (1992) - This sitcom will have you grinning from ear to ear over the wild and hilarious adventures of ‘fashion PR guru’ Edina Moonsoon, and her best friend, fashion magazine director, Patsy Stone. Swipe right to see our analysis of the plot and what we have rated AB Fab! 👉

PR show 2: Samantha Jones from SATC (1998) - Samantha is a confident and bold PR professional who is dedicated to her work in this edgy romantic comedy-drama. However, she never fails to flaunt the perks of her job, as indicated by her attendance at multiple A-list parties and her frequent jet-setting to assist her clients. Swipe to see how accurate Samantha PR activities really are...

PR show 3: Scandal (2012) - Do you like political-thrillers? If so then our third show Scandal might be the one for you! Every episode features Olivia Pope and her Gladiators taking on new high-profile clients, ranging from major political campaigns to local community crimes. With twists and turns at every break watch how Olivia attempts to manage a client's damaged reputation... Scandal will keep you thinking. Swipe to find out more ✨

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