Naturally curious - The main influences for this project come from my personal interest in the environment, sustainability and how gardening connects me to nature. Gardening is well-known as a healthy, productive, and fun addition to an individual’s physical and mental well-being. It also allows humans to interact in a caring manner towards the environment, instead of polluting it.

Only ashes remain - The effects of climate change have now been laid bare for all to see and its undeniable that we as a species need to put a stop to the domino affect taking place before us. The world is dying, and the atmosphere is warming, you can now see the real-world consequences of global warming. Still as a collective we continue to steer away from a potential solution and veer more down the path of financial gain and The concept for this Spring/Summer menswear collection stems from my personal interest in helping towards a more sustainable future of fashion and spreading awareness of the realistic aftereffects of global warming through clothing. Specific focus around the Australian 2020 bushfires, a wide variety of research was undertaken to explore resources to inspire design ideas, colour story, silhouette, and print series. The title of this collection ‘Only ashes remain’ encompasses the severity and scale of the bushfires, as well as emphasising the deterioration texture conveyed through the textures and colour tones explored. I have looked at the current Spring/Summer 2021 fashion trends to inspire the styling details and silhouette. The entire collection is all source sustainably and made from deconstructed second-hand garments. The scraps were used to make the mask, face mask and book cover for the textile’s series. The prints are also made using rust to naturally dye, as well as using turmeric powder to pigment the screen print.

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