The Morning Walk Biomaterial Statement - Revealing the beauty and imperfections of nature, which are often overlooked. (Clear bioplastic with stitched fragments of naturally dyed biomaterials, threads, and gouache) .

JOURNEY #3 TRAIN - Embellished as a form of mindfullness on public transport. (Madder leftover bioplastic, carved into and stitched with a wealth of naturally dyed threads).

The Long Wait Revisted - Depicting imperfect fragments spotted while waiting for public transport. Highlighting themes of consciousness and curiosity. (Rose-tinted bioplastic patched with naturally dyed biomaterials).

Visualising Biomaterial Spaces - A collection of the biomaterial testing and statements.

Looking at The Morning Walk - Investigating biomaterial creations under the microscope.

Biomaterial Fragments - A collection of biomaterials to be reused as embellishments.

The Chaotic Studio and Awaiting Home Biomaterial Statements - Testing layering and light with biomaterials. (Turmeric and cochineal bioplastic, painted with gouache and embroidered with naturally dyed threads)

Microscopic Study - Looking at biomaterials from a microscopic view.

Bubbly - Capturing biomaterials in a video format.

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