Process - Applying handcraftsmanship skills by using delicate application of hand-beading

Bacopa’s Beauty in Context - Design; back placement, emphasising the narrative of the medicinal properties travelling up the spinal cord. Embroidery techniques: hand-beading, goldwork loops, Wilcom Lettering, Irish embroidery, laser-cutting

Close up: Bacopa's Beauty - Inspired by the Bacopa Monnieri plant which benefits cognitive functions. Embroidery techniques of Irish embroidery, hand-beading and goldwork loops replicate a spinal structure.

Close up: Bacopa’s Beauty - Intricate combination of embroidery techniques; stacked beading, laser-cutting, applique, Wilcom lettering and Irish embroidery

Flourish in context - Bespoke embroidered fabrics intended for fashion application. Embroidery techniques; Stumpwork, hand-beading, Irish embroidery, Wilcom

Close up: Flourish - Embroidery techniques pictured; hand-beading, Irish embroidery, Wilcom

Making the Unseen Seen - A lavishly embroidered headpiece placed on the brain to convey the medicinal plants healing the source of Dementia. Embroidery techniques: stumpwork, goldwork and hand-beading

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