The Modern Wandering Hour Clock, CG render
Back of clock, CG render

The Modern Wandering Hour Clock (render) - Designed for the 3rd year Major Project, this piece uses a time-telling display not often used in clocks. Once complete it will be the first clock of its kind with this specific indexing mechanism.

The back of the Modern Wandering Hour Clock (render) - The plates are skeletonised to allow viewers to see the mechanism running and inspect the unique parts needed for the display.

Test jig for assembled parts of wandering hour display - The clock uses a rare mechanism to display time, so parts were handmade and tested before mounting into the clock. The steel jumpers hold star wheels in place, until they pass across the indexing posts at the bottom of the jig, advancing the disc to the next numeral.

Wheel train for the clock - Individually made on the SoJ workshop machines, these brass wheels and steel pinions on arbors drive the power from the spring to the pendulum at a steady rate.

Night clock display - In a nod to the wandering hour display's origins, as a way of telling the time at night, the dial's backing luminesces in darkness, so the number silhouettes in front of it.

Engine turning (guilloche) for front plate - It is planned to add a disc of beautiful engine turning (guilloche) for decoration. It will sit proudly in the centre of the front dial to add visual interest.

Some progress - The clock is still in progress and on track to be completed soon.

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