Mechanical Butterfly Rings - There are eight rings in this group. The wearer can choose any number of rings to wear in combination or only one. Only the left half of the wing has such a metal frame and cogs, this represents the struggle against dream and reality, original mind and change.

Butterfly Anklet - There is a Chinese saying that ‘a slight move in one part may affect the whole situation’.

Dark Butterfly Necklace - This work has changed people's inherent impression of colorful butterflies by choosing darker colors with laser reflection and blue gradient enamel. It is also the echo of the theme, whether things are invariable or relatively invariable. Two separate necklaces are combined to form half of the wings of the butterfly. The wearer can also choose one or two to wear together.

Mechanical Butterfly Rings - Copper, Vitreous enamel

Butterfly Anklet - Silver, Vitreous enamel

Dark Butterfly Necklace - Copper, Silver, Vitreous enamel

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