Printed fabric with large scale 'squiggle' printed design
A stack of colourful dyed fabrics
A series of colourful fabrics arranged around an open sketchbook page which contains similar designs
Image of Tia (graduate) interacting with a large scale printed fabric
Floral printed fabrics in two different colour ways photographed together
Image of folded fabrics of different proportions laid out to show the fabric collection as a coordinating series
Image of Tia holding large scale floral fabric
image of 4 folded floral fabrics in a range of purple colourways arranged in a fan-like formation

Grass Lands -

Dyed fabrics -

Eclectic shot of collection fabrics -

Wild Expression -

Floral Twins -

Collective -

Large scale floral -

Floral Collective -

Delicate Devore - Hand dyed devoré sample flowing in the breeze.

Natural Development - Screen printed and hand dyed development outcomes of a floral piece to show diverse variety of one design, similar to the developments within nature and how one element can grow and change in an abundance of ways.

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