AFFORDABLE LIVING - 16 M APARTMENTS - The atmospheric sectional view shows how cozy it can get at night. The luxurious experience is still there and helps residents to truly come home to compact yet spacious space after a long and tiring day.

AFFORDABLE LIVING - 16 M APARTMENTS - The affordable living is for students or people who struggle to pay a high rent. Highly inspired from Japanese architecture, this house provides enough space for 2 people to comfortably live in.


CULTURAL HUB - TEA CUSTOM AREA - Tea or traditionally known as ‘chai’ in India is a drink enjoyed by people of all age groups. It is what brings together or unites everyone as a family in a typical household. To give users a more personal experience, this framework consists of low seating with low tables specially altered for chai drinkers. The real speciality of this space is having a traditional Indian style tea stall where hot is served along with Indian snacks that are usually had whilst drinking tea. The signage on the tea stall reflects the signage spread all throughout the existing site. The exhibits potrayed on the right give users a chance to sit and observe history whilst sipping on their hot chai.

CULTURAL HUB - STUDY/ RESEARCH AREA - Considering some users might not necessarily be comfortable with socializing but would instead love to be part of the aesthetic space, a study area is made. This makes room for more productivity and creativity even.

CULTURAL HUB - GARMENT DISPLAY - Bringing users closer to India via textiles and fabrics through touch gives makes is an enjoyable experience. Users can try on clothes and purchase them as a souvernir in memory of the site.

CULTURAL HUB - FOOD ZONE - The Food Zone consists of food trucks that sell indian street food along with a combination of vegan and more westernized food in order to give users a variety along with comfort. Indian street food is widely recognised and admired by various visitors, hence adding this element would take the users by surprise.

CULTURAL HUB - SPICE RACK & BAR - The spice rack reflects the use of spices mainly in Indian foods. The variety of spices gives users a chance to purchase and even taste them. The bar on the other hand, ‘pauses’ this journey so users could take a break in order to enjoy what lies ahead.

PSITHURISM - CULTURAL HUB - Psithurism is a lively and vibrant community space that allows users to engage in a multi-sensory experience. The multi-functional space conducts a variety of activities that highly reflect the culture, traditions and fun of India. The various elements and structures that are colorful are what brings life to this place.

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