FOOD FRONTIERS EVALUATION OF THE ISSUES - The twin crises of Climate Change and Biodiversity Loss and a Health Crisis need a transformative food system that respects nature and the soil

STEWARDSHIP IS ONE OF FOUR GUIDING PRINCIPLES: Regenerative Urban Farming - FOOD FRONTIERS: View to the Tapestry on the Hill from the Dell

FOOD FRONTIERS TAPESTRY ON THE HILL - Intensive Agroecology is low-input and highly productive

FOOD FRONTIERS: Changing the Look of Green Infrastructure - Hazel Coppice, very useful for mulch and materials

FOOD FRONTIERS: Open Heart Hall -

FOOD FRONTIERS MATERPLAN: Bringing the Countryside to the City to Mend the Metabolic Rift -

OTTER PARK: Analysis of the river Cole Catchment Area. -


GO FORWARD: Synthesis to Detail Planting Plan - Inspired by the rhythms, structures and thoughts in poetry, a city garden to welcome diversity.

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