Section cut through the building
Three short sections through the building
Elevations of the building
The building with planted landscape
Diagram of closed loop food production
Roof construction detail
Photographs of construction model
Diagram of building systems
Diagram of design process
Sketches of design development

'Dudley's Home farm' Long Section - Taking inspiration from layers in the soil, the foundation of growth, lighting levels diminish descending from the surface.

'Dudley's Home Farm' Short Sections - Natural light enters through slim ‘cracks’ in the building skin and floods in from cave-like voids created by the storey spanning greenhouse.

'Dudley's Home Farm' Elevations - Taking note of traditional farming vernacular and working with the existing building fabric the proposal grows from additions of reclaimed materials.

'Dudley's Home Farm' Approach from the high-street - The project aims to distinctly disrupt the high-street with a landscape that interrupts the built flow, traversing front to back with growing and community activity.

'Dudley's Home Farm' Principle of closed loop food production -

'Dudley's Home Farm' Rooftop Farming Detail - The rooftop landscape features a planted edible ‘street’ for producing crops. Light filters around the sides of the planting to penetrate the spaces below.

'Dudley's Home Farm' Model Photographs - Exploration of the building construction and light manipulation.

'Dudley's Home Farm' Building Systems - The building is primarily powered by a biomass/biochar boiler system. This processes agricultural, food and sewage waste into soil improving biochar and energy.

'Dudley's Home Farm' Design Process -

'Dudley's Home Farm' Sketch Development Work -

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