T.curvare - Smart Table - Made from the highest quality materials; manufactured with the highest level of precision.

One Table - Endless Possibilities - You are in control. Use the side table like any other or decide to experience a blend of technology and furniture to transform your space.

Technology - Magnets are placed under the table top and surround the wireless charging coil. This table has the capacity to power many different accessories.

Timeless Aspects - T.curvare has the ability to hide its technology when it’s not in use. This is a huge advantage when taking its lifespan into consideration.

AquaPod - A Cup for Everyone - Suited for Brachial Plexus patients, individuals with limited hand mobility and dexterity as well as, the general public.

Design Features - The AquaPod is designed to deliver a 360 degree drinking experience and features a silicone rubber ring to prevent any leakage.

Colours - Precisely powder coated in four different colours so everyone can have their own version of AquaPod.

Rubber base - A soft rubber base was added to the bottom of the cup to make it soundless when placed down; this also adds grip and stability.

Small in Size, Big in Capacity - When taking into consideration its size, AquaPod is remarkably capable of safely holding 400ml of hot and cold liquids

Exploded View - The format of the structure used allows for a stronger and sturdier structure to be created, ensuring the product lasts a lifetime.

AquaPod - Design Video

T.curvare - Design Video

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