File (Access Talent 2022: Tour Budget, Routing & Schedule) available for download

Access Talent 2022: Promotional Image - This image was created to promote the Access Talent programme using only images. Ideal for billboard advertising.

Access Talent 2022: Tour Budget, Routing & Schedule - This document displays the operations and planning behind the scenes of the Access Talent programme. Generated through extensive industry research.

Access Talent 2022: Tour Poster - This tour poster was created to advertise the tour programme to potential participants and communities involved.

The Access Talent Greenroom - The Access Talent Greenroom was an online platform concept created to connect and support participants before, during and after taking part in the programme.

The Access Talent Website - The Access Talent website concept was created to display and communicate information about the programme and its sponsors to potential future participants, communities, sponsors and hosts.

Access Talent 2022: Promotional Video - Created to promote my final major project concept, Access Talent; a music industry tour programme that aims to create a supportive, coherent, and connected professional journey for young music enthusiasts.

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