The silver components are 3d printed and the painted ones are tubular extrusions
Before loading the cargo, the slider has to be manually pushed towards the back of the bike
The variable wheelbase is also accompanied by variable suspension geometry which can change the angle of the bike by 1.5° and reduce the rear suspension travel by 20 mm to retain the same level of comfort when the wheelbase is in the short position

Shred Hauler Frame - A combination of 3D printed and extrusion parts

Shred Hauler cargo loading - Loading movement

Shred Hauler cargo loading - To load the cargo, the user would need to lean down and place the cargo on the rear swing arm

Shred Hauler cargo loading - The user will need to pull the leather straps through the clips to secure the cargo in position

Shred Hauler wheelbase extension - The wheelbase can be extended by 255 mm which will offer different levels of comfort

SHRED HAULER - Pre-Cargo Position...Ready for shredding the trails or city roads.


SHRED HAULER - Close Up Detail

SHRED HAULER - Optional Extended Wheelbase Design Detail

Shred Hauler - Context Image -

Shred Hauler - Colour Options -

Shred Hauler - Colour Options -

Shred Hauler - Colour Options -

The Green Reset - A new approach to emissions reduction by using moss incorporated into public infrastructure.

The Green Reset - The system is comprised of a seating installation, measuring station, and street lighting units. All designs use the Voronoi design pattern to maximise the moss surface.

The Green Reset - The street lighting has a built-in air quality light indication.

The Green Reset - The measuring station network monitors the air quality and provides live data on the measuring station screen, information panels around the area, the website, and the mobile app. The mobile app sends notifications for pollution breaches to warn the public when they occur.

The Green Reset - Winner of New Designers 2021 Creative Conscience Environmental Design Award - an urban air filtration system that utilises public infrastructure and moss to improve air quality within towns & cities.

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