A Neighbours Evening
A Secluded Entrance
Working From Home
A Relaxing Evening
A Vibrant Social Space
Art Mural Corridors
The Garden
The Art Murals
Warwick Co.Life

A Neighbours Evening - This visual depicts neighbours who have opened up their apartments using a sliding wall mechanism, to spend an evening making long lasting memories.

A Secluded Entrance - A secluded entrance welcomes residents into their home at the end of the day, to begin the evening wind down.

Working From Home - Separating work space and rest space is key when working from home, the modular unit is the perfect furniture piece to ensure this separation.

A Relaxing Evening - Same space, new narrative. The modular furniture unit has transformed the work space into relaxing and comfortable bedroom space.

A Vibrant Social Space - Art murals and geometrical furniture make this a vibrant social space for residents.

Art Mural Corridors - Why have plain corridors, when they could be bright and colourful?

The Garden - Grow your own fruit and vegetables, or just take in the cityscape views of Coventry on the rooftop garden.

The Art Murals - The mural designs which fill the social spaces with vibrancy and colour.

Warwick Co.Life - This exploded axonometric communicates the context of the spaces.

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