Scent Surprise -

Scent Creation Room -

Play Room for the Curious -

Door Designs -

Confusion Carousel -

Collaged Visual -

The Design Strategy -

Floor Plan -

Design Development -

The Workshop - The Lab of Innovation Design Development

The Nooks of Optical Novelty - Bringing curiosity, confusion and surprise together - Design development

Isometric Sketch - Developing spatial relationships and circulation routes.

The Story Structure -

Collaged Visual - Entrance To the Emporium of Possibility -

The Institute of Innovation - In preparation for a post pandemic world, this project aims to become the key to the escapist dream-world that people so deeply desire. Its spatial strategy will disregard hierarchy, and instead have a fundamental purpose of forming an economy built on human communities. It enhances creative potential through the freedom of exploration, the epistemic emotions and knowledge production. Providing people with the opportunity to explore their entrepreneurial aspirations whilst combating social and environmental issues. By reevaluating the way that society functions today, The Institution of Innovation will promote a revolutionary growth for the approach and operation of Interior Architectural spaces. Its goal is to move away from fast production, labour and stress. Stop us being machines and help us to become human again by forming an age of experience and creative exploration - something that cannot be automated.

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