We caused this - no nature, no light , no life.
Only what is needed has been kept. The futures is minimal.
AI and robots have replaced most of the human beings.
Laboratory space - creation of an AI.
Gallery of the different AI types.
The POD - technical drawing.
The "brain" of the building.
The ruins of the future.
The futuristic elements - the new normal.
Technical drawing-section.

The New World. - The dystopian environment of the new world , presents one dark , overbuild , shell of a space.

The habitat if the New Man. - The new inhabitant of the future , occupies small spaces , controlled by technology.

The New Man. - The new world has a new inhabitant - The New Man. A technologically modified machine - AI.

The Lab. - The main proposal of Utopia is a laboratory space , where new and existing AI are created and taken cafe of .

The AI exhibition. - Once the AI have been created , they are sustained each in an individual POD.

The POD. - Technical drawing and exploration of the POD - where the AI is stored.

The building as a machine. - The space of Utopia , explores the narrative of the building as a working , operating machine . In the future this will be used as the main brain/computer ,instead of separate devices.

The outside world. - The world which we wanted to develop and help grow and evolve , but ended up destroying.

The elements of the future. - The narrative of the future has been explored and items and elements have been created to fit the new futuristic needs.

Building section. - Technical section , showing key spaces within the new proposal of the site - the Utopia laboratory.

Project Portfolio - A portfolio of my development and work leading to the design of this project

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