Instagram Ball Pit Room Visual
Café and Restaurant Area Visual
Selfie Rooms Area Visual
Instagram Exhibition Art Gallery Visual
The Connect Hub Full Building Section

Instagram Ball Pit Room Visual - The shape of the ball pit area is reminiscent of the Instagram logo, this deepens the overall aim of The Connect Hub which is to make a space that is instagrammable but functional at the same time. The colour scheme used is inspired by the Instagram logo which uses various shades of pink and purple. The room itself is simplistic in nature but the clean and simple geometry in turn allows for beautiful pictures which will really brighten up your Instagram feed.

Café and Restaurant Area Visual - The area is flooded in shades of pink which automatically catch your eyes, shiny white marble flooring create contrast with accents of gold bringing the colour scheme together. Unique geometric patterned lighting cover the ceilings, arches section off the dining areas and booth seating creating a natural hierarchy of circulation.

Selfie Rooms Area Visual - This area is where the main action starts to happen and would be one of the main focal points as to why users will want to visit The Connect Hub. There is a total of 9 selfie rooms, each with a different theme, colour scheme and various props and furniture. Not only does the area have a large variety of selfie rooms, there is also a props room and hair and makeup room located opposite the selfie rooms, this allows users to glam themselves up or customise their selfie with a prop of their choice therefore giving users a sense of freedom and creativity.

Instagram Exhibition Art Gallery Visual - This area will showcase and highlight trending posts on Instagram in an art gallery style and format. This benefits aspiring content creators who will want their work seen by the general public and possibly potential clients. The exhibition will act as a pop-up element to the space and the showcased art/posts will be changed weekly to allow more creators to be featured and have their work seen.

The Connect Hub Full Building Section - This full building section shows all the key spaces and areas inside The Connect Hub.

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