Courtyard View
1:100 Section
1:200 Ground Floor Plan
1:10 Foundation & Window Details
1:200 Environmental Section Winter
West Midlands Stone & Clay
Sustainability Benefits of Natural Materials
Site Potential
Massing Development

Courtyard View - View to illustrate the architectural and landscape materiality, as well as the atmosphere of the space which is circulated in retail outlets and workshop spaces.

1:100 Section - Drawing demonstrating the relationship between the workshop building, walkway and the spill out cafe space.

1:200 Ground Floor Plan - Plan to demonstrate the spacial arrangement of the project, and how the spaces interact.

1:10 Foundation & Window Details - Detail to illustrate the wall build up and where locally sourced natural materials are used.

1:200 Environmental Section Winter - Section drawing demonstrating how the project reduces operational energy.

West Midlands Stone & Clay - Images to the left showing the local geology in built form, diagram to the right illustrating where the stone and clay on the project is sourced.

Sustainability Benefits of Natural Materials - Comparative analysis between the suitability of natural materials and modern materials.

Site Potential - Mapping diagram illustrating which buildings in Moseley are built from locally sourced materials and therefore the buildings I perceive to have the highest value of contribution towards the identity of the area. With this in mind I selected the site for my project.

Massing Development - Diagrams demonstrating ideas of how I aimed to utilise the depth of the site by creating a route for people to pass through.

Identity & Experience - Final year project

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