File (Zewadi Information Brochure) available for download

Zewadi - The photos behind the chairs in this image show some of the inspiration behind Zewadi, including; family photos and civil rights leaders and activists.

Zewadi - Rendered image using SolidWorks

Zewadi elements - This images shows how Zewadi fits together, with slotting cork hand rests, counter sunk brass fittings and a decorative brass edging.

Zewadi - Front View

Zewadi - Back view

Zewadi - close up - Detail of cork and brass edging

Zewadi - close up - Detail view

Zewadi - close up

Zewadi - test model - Construction in MDF

Zewadi - test model

Zewadi graphic panel

Zewadi Information Brochure

Zewadi: A Chair for Black Hair

Zewadi: Viva Presentation

Zewadi: Social Impact

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