Community-Led Design_Mentakab Lex Cinema - To retain the historical culture of Mentakab communities with the emerging creative pursuits, by empowering the spatial publicness experience for the community that is created by them.

Event Space - The event space functions as multi-purpose hall, with the ideas on how this space might be used generated through a series of events, such as festival celebration, workshops, exhibition and bazaar.

Co-Working Space - Crisis entails opportunity, the youngsters creators are facing knock-on effects on their career and routine due to the COVID-19 pandemic, here also act as the creative platform to welcome them back to the hometown to collaborate with the communities by sharing the workspace.

Playscape - Here you enjoys seeing the smiles on the faces of children who play at the playground that created.

Shaded Pavilion_Camp Fire - This inspired camp-fire structure by forming a shaded outdoor spaces in which people can get involved will be offered to build a charming, integrated, and warm community with strong sense of belonging.

Playscape_Merry-Go-Round - Standard structural timber section sizes provide a skeletal frame with different types of play elements, like monkey bar, tyre swing, slide and climbing net to form a circular playscape for the kids.

Makeshiftstall_Street Cart Bazaar - Attempting to use design and impart the cart with new revenue generating possibilities using various components such as display shelves, flexible counters and custom joinery details. It could be closed up as single structure and keep it in store room whenever not using.

Sculptural Rails_Quilted Blanket, Sliding Pole - The intervention includes a series of sculptural rails, customizable pole sliding system designed with track and wheels. The flexible conditions allow the volume to be transformed to accommodate a range of different activities, from a large number of people to celebrate the festival together, to an interior more suited for leisure routine and after-school play area.

Co-working_Mobile "kit-of-parts" - A series of mobile crates elements workshop table called kit-of parts' come with the storage drawer, table lamp, white board and hinging board, can be also configured into few layouts to serve different type of working setting, including bar height hot desk working table.

Ephemeral Structure_Flexible Assembly - The ephemeral structure that can be easily dismantle and assemble, can be moved to outdoor or basement for other functions as well.A flexible framework proposes fertile settings for gathering, sharing and interacting, as well as functioning simply as a flexible assembly.

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