Bournbrook Community Garden

The Bournbrook Community Garden - Picture yourself walking with the sounds of trees rustling and birds chirping. Take in the pleasant ambiance of people talking and laughing in the distance

The Aromatherapy Garden - An old folk’s tale about Sally the witch (Selly Oaks namesake) inspired the theme for the aromatherapy garden

The Canalside - The old canal line was an industrial wharf, surrounded by farmland. The space celebrates the history which defined the livelihood of the Selly Oak community

Student Life - Student living is a small introduction into adult life. The challenges which we face will shape our person as we transition into adulthood

A Walk Through Selly Oak - I drew this while I was strolling around Selly Oak on my morning walk. The feeling which was most prominent was the sense of disconnect

Canal Masterplan - [1:500 @ A1] An extension of the canal lined by restaurants and cafes with space for outdoor seating

Canalside Restaurants - [1:200 @ A2] Farmland and industrial areas colliding. A space for residents to socialise and relax

Canalside Lighting - [1:100 @ A3] A cosy ambience created for evening and late night dining

Beginners Growing Area - [1:200 @ A2] A space for visitors to learn the basics of food growing including vegetable patches, a duck pond and 2 swales

Bournbrook Community Garden - Description [1:1250 @ A1] A community garden with allotments, kids learning area, vegetable patches, duck pond and a forest gardening area

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