File (What's the use?) available for download
File (What's the use?) available for download

What's the use? - Massing of Weight

What's the use? - Street Visuals | The start and the end

What's the use? - Location | Ground Floor Bar | The final destination of the water reused from the natural street water treatment. After cycling through the treatment process the water is taken up to be used within the building, primarily for the brewing process. This starts on the upper floor of the brewery and transforms into beer that is enjoyed within the bar spaces and to be shared with other local pubs. Any waste produced from the brewery site will then cycle back up to the starting stages of the site for the process to start again.

What's the use? - Water Cycle | Rain water is collected from the roof and balcony features and used within the natural cooling systems and for plant watering within the roof terrace garden. The clean water comes in from the street level treatment, shown by the turqouise pipes. Shown by the yellow pipes the used water is taken out of the building and sent back to the initial stage in the treatment process, creating a contained cycle within the street.

What's the use? - Street Visual | Site 2

What's the use? - Location | Roof Garden

What's the use? - Location | First Floor Brewery

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