North & South Elevation

East & West Elevations

Couples Unit Internal Visual - The project has a variation of single, couples & two bed units and the image shows a couple's unit internal visual.

Circulation Visual - Showing location of circulation and the one-way circulation system I have created to keep the users safe and avoid clashing over circulation . Yellow represents going up (stairs) while blue represents going down.

Workshop visual - Image showing a place of an indoor physical connection, which is the workshop. A place where the resident can pursue their hobbies, connect and get to know each other.

Middle Platform Visual - A middle platform in-between living units to facilitate outdoor physical connection which is an area that is passively ventilated.

The Dining Pods - The dining pods are a space for visual connection as it allows the neighbors to connect visually while eating so the feel as if they are eating together.

Ecological Section - The section shows the sustainability of the building and it's respond to the environmental aspects.

Wall detail - Wall detail showing the different walls build up.

Dining Pod (element)

Environmental section - Section in respond to environmental factors.

Auditorium Visual - A place of physical connection between the residents (elderly) and the rest of the community.

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