Urban Opportunity - Part of living in the city means being part of a much wider community, both socially and politically. It provides city dwellers with the chance to build there own individual skills, and this is one of generation Z’s priority's - Growth - therefore we need to provide spaces that are flexible and adapt to the user in a profession practice and not just a creative one. Zone 1 hosts a car part, multi-use events space and an upper bridge provides private access to residents for flexible office spaces for personal meetings for those self-employed in the building.

The Perfect Home - The perfect home? You could say so! This fully configured home sits in a rural off grid location close to nature. The owners have chosen the Façade 003 module along with a 005 and 012 to create a small front living room space with plenty of light and open storage on the back of the 012 office module. Accompanied with a timber deck and stunning pathway this home has been fully integrated into its environment, using off grid solar and a diesel generator to provide power and heat to the home!

The Future Is Still Modular! - For years Architects and Designers have harnessed the power of modular design and I too have done just that! Modularity allows for flexibility, security and synchronicity and offers us a way to live a more freeing lifestyle with stronger connections to our environments.  Each module has been designed to keep you in mind ensuring they are accessible, beautifully crafted and last the test of time. The modules range from multi-functional kitchens, to completely open plan pods that allow you to inject your own ideas and style into your home. Something we to often have to compromise on in the swap from big to small spaces is that homely feeling but with Box For Life you don't have too.

Nests of Growth - The hires nest sits central on the first floor and is the connecting island to the community kitchens, sports field and other facilities, you can pretty much get anywhere from here! Stuffed with open work desks for the arts or the academic this is the go to place for all the things you need for creative and academic practices including sports! Hire footballs, hockey sticks, tennis rackets and much more. Explore the wide range off community donated books and even leave your own for others to enjoy and take up that knitting hobby you always wanted to by hiring from the arts centre

Neighbourly Intervention - Studies found that high-rise buildings that encourage co-habitation often instead created mental health issues due to the formal spatial planning often only allowing intentional spaces for interaction such as the stairs and common rooms both incredibly inconvenient spaces. Being a 3 story building the sites form offers a chance to restructure the cohabitational residential spaces we are used to seeing in cities. Using Richard Rogers urban net system he suggested for the restructuring of entire urban environments the site will use a net system of bridges that create flexible collision zones and direct connections to “Thy Neighbour” that offer choice to residents for interaction.

Dens of Fertile Laziness - Its said that without the dens, nooks and hidden spaces in a space we lack the ability to think creatively, to conjure the imagination and even think at all! These places provide opportunity to feel safe inside your own mind as well as in your physical surroundings, there are places of creative expression and allow us to be lazy yet fertile in our thinking ability. We are often restricted to the physical plane and rush to finalise our own ideas therefore restricting our own ability.

All Boxed Up - This is an exploration into the cubic form and how we can use the secondary forms created by interlocking cubes as social spaces or spaces to connect one another. Each cube is representative of a complete tiny home. 

A Welcoming Arrival - The reception space has been designed to be secure, accessible and a relaxing space. A ramp leads down to a small seating area where guests can wait to be signed in or you can drop your shopping bags in a cry of relief. The space reflects the design of the Box For Life modules and adds in more dominating materials such as concrete.

A New Perspective - This full tiny home assembled using the BLF modules shows you how each module is accessed by a streamlined hallway, wide enough for residential wheelchair access. All of our modules come with a ply lined interior that looks great but is easily primed and painted over to add a new level of customisation. At the end of the hallway sits a Facade 003 module that shows off a beautiful view at an off grid location.

A Community Hybrid - This Hybrid Drawing explores the local site of the community building that is based in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter  (Field of Interest) and its relationship to spaces that offer security and community to the site. It also highlights the strengths of the site such as wi-Fi connectivity and major transportation lines to the site.

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