Concept - A combination of 12 principles, CPUL's and Superblock areas provide the structure for redistributing space so that women can feel included in the city narrative as well as tackling food poverty issues

Exploring what these principle might look like on a human scale - Giving pedestrians priority, plenty of seating and amenities, defined of the road cycle routes and lanes for public transport

Birmingham schematic diagram - Applying the principles to Birmingham to better connect neighbourhoods with fresh food and access to green spaces 1:4000@A1

Zooming in to Gib Heath in Birmingham - Applying those principles at a closer scale and exploring a sensory section of the landscape

Exploring a sensory section of the landscape

1:2000 Masterplan layout design development - Exploration of spatial principles through photographic and area plan sketch study. Developing spaces and pathway hierarchy through this spacing exploration

Masterplan 1:2000 - Spatial strategy with entrances, routes and spaces

Welcome to Soho Loop Park - Explore the diversity of edible spaces, community orchards, allotments, markets, picnic areas, community kitchens, contemplation ponds, woodlands and meadows

Key areas to consider when designing inclusively (for women) - Sections of the park looking at accessibly, mixed use spaces and amenities, which have been found to be key areas to consider when designing inclusively

Planting with women in mind - Planting is designed to feel both private and ‘tucked away’ without compromising safety, providing plenty of views, and connectivity to other parts of the environment

Planting with Women in mind - The multiple levels of airy planting create a sense of enclosure and privacy when sat down and connection with the wider landscape when stood up

Planting with Women in mind

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