Isn't it just Dated? - Sketching, doodling and modelling the buildings existing form to understand the site further. While challenging the preconceptions behind this Grade II Listing building.

Coventry in Context - Contextualising the surrounding area while exploring cultural relevance and building form.

It is just Trendy? - Exploring how workspace design has adapted during the pandemic and how trends have adopted new ways of thinking in 2022.

It's about Philosophy! - An exploration of concept and how German philosopher Jürgen Habermas highlights his key theory’s of pluralistic and communicative action.

The concept explored - Circulation - A concept aplied through its circulation strategy moulding the way users move around the space to promoting moments of 'collision.'

The Stemme Project- Digital Material Board -

Visual 1.0 - looking through into the main communal co-working space featuring the bar located on the ground floor which open to the public.

Visual 2.0 - looking from the back of the main co-working space shows the overhanging lecture theatre featuring its bespoke architectural fins.

Visual 3.0 - featuring Mike & Maaik furniture from the Haven Collection designed specifically to promote wellbeing and further collaboration.

Visual 4.0 - Isometric Drawing - A technical drawing highlighting volume and void formed through its lighting strategy and circulation of its users.

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