Urban Coffee Farm  comes from a desire to evoke the still somewhat mysterious and exotic geographies associated with the source of coffee. It brings to life the story about coffee, inspiring coffee drinkers to think about its origins, production and transport,” explained Cara Gabrie.

The continuous productive landscape campus - More and more people are choosing foods processed by big companies and supermarkets. Meals eaten outside of the home tend to be associated with higher intakes of sugar, fat, and salt, and portion sizes tend to be more significant. This project aims to create places that can inspire students about their eating habits and encourage them to embrace a healthy lifestyle whilst facilitating education, collaboration and teamwork.

The continuous productive landscape campus - is a design is an agricultural village where young people can study, grow and be educated about food, and socialise and relax

Productive campus - This space is designed to educate and inspire, with an emphasis on sustainability, looking after the natural environment, and understanding where our food comes from. It accommodates a fully-equipped kitchen for groups to cook and enjoy delicious meals, with ingredients sourced straight from the garden

The food platform - Analysis

Productive campus - In this area, students can develop skills associated with collaboration, leadership, and eating habits whilst being able to have a job.


The flower growing and selling -

Orchards and fruit processing -

FOOD, EDUCATION and SOCIAL interactions -

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