Exhibition Space: - The exhibition space within the mental health centre is an immersive experience that allows you to feel other people’s emotions.

Reflection Pods: - The reflection pods are for people to reflect on personal thoughts and feelings, utilising room colours based on your mood.

Sensory Pods: - The sensory pods allow for singularity of senses through installations focused on mental well-being.

Courtyard: - The courtyard is completely coloured, which makes it a surreal looking exterior space for people to relax and gain fresh air.

DIY Workshop: - The DIY workshops allow people to do activities that channel their attention and focus elsewhere, whilst connecting with other individuals.

Escape Room: - The escape rooms are activities that allow team building as well as to escape from their own thoughts.

AI Screen: - The AI screens are technological advancements that replace human interaction with technology. This knocks down the comfort barrier within traditional treatment methodologies.

General Decor: - The generic decor is filled with a plethora of colours, to denote different moods within the space.

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