This is increasingly important with the expected future growth in the ageing population.
The space selected in early 18th-19th century shophouse to host the programme cover an area of minimum  1000 sqm to maximum 1600sqm.  The existing building serround by many  to klinik,restaurant,shopping mall and  biggest market in Taiping. Increased wealth led to increased investment. The legacy is Taiping’s collection  of British colonial buildings. But despite active tourist campaigns by  Perak’s state government, the city remains under the radar. Tourist do in Taiping including its architectural masterpieces, where to go hiking and Malaysia’s oldest museum.
View from the entrances,which is the Antong coffee shop.Mostly the traditional kopi tiam,the coffee making  always at behind the shop.Now people will notice how they make the Taiping coffee at the front also strong  smell of the coffee.Both side which is the retail sell coffee package and next to it is a kopi tiam.(shop)
First floor lounge area is used while the elderly wait for the clothes to dry and have chit-chat in this area.The  ventilation block inspired from the shophouse in different shape of air vent .
The bedroom facing the Antong coffee courtyard.While tourists live in can experience the heritage building and historical old brick wall.Using plan and light material to keep them in the  background and prevent them from competing with the texture of the old.
A folding table will be more suitable.The floor material use is tiles with  a anti-slip coat to avoid eldelry fall.The kitchen furniture use in universal design.The room next to the kitchen is for Ahyi (elderly who use wheelchair).Easy for her to come out having breakfast or lunch.

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Abandoned shop in Taiping,Perak. -

Antong coffee shop -

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