Unfamiliar Familiar Theatre Entrance
Absurdity; Breaking Preconceptions
What do you see when you think of theatre?
Experience by Exploration
Disconnect to Reconnect
Exploded Axonometric of Albany Theatre

Unfamiliar Familiar Theatre - “In this expanding dystopia, escapism and absurdism can be an important tool for harnessing new ways of thinking about, and changing spaces around us.”

Absurdity - Using Absurdity in design of interior public spaces can challenge our perception of spaces by breaking preconceptions through the use of mixed metaphors.

Metaphors - An expression of a memory associated with a past experience or distant location, found in an unexpected place may challenge how we understand it.

Exploration - Fun - Seclusion - Rest - Experience of an environment enforces spatial presence and may lead to reflection.

Objects - Interacting with objects defines understanding of a place and forms connection to the use of the space vie encounter.

What do you see when you think of theatre? - 15 years ago, the internet was an escape from the real world. Today, the real world is an escape from the internet.

Engagement - Explores the concept of absurdity as looking at the reality through what we haven’t yet experienced.

Disconnect to Reconnect - Escapism might be weakened in quiet spaces that allow people to disconnect. Those are harder to find in a city, than places to socialize.

Comics - Top two images portray today's escapism in an everyday setting. The first comic strip shows the effect social media has on our perception.

Exploded Axonometric of Albany Theatre - Technical drawing

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